Saturday, January 9, 2010

Blog is over

Forget the BLOG. It was the idea before really getting into the MeetUp site. I was hesitant to use MeetUp because I had to Pay but I think it was worth it.  So forget this blog. Everything is now being done ON MEETUP.

there are message boards, bolls, everything we need. GO THERE!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Plan part 2

We still haven't nailed down the exact date in January, but it WILL be in January. (If this goes well, though, I propose we do SOMETHING once a month or at least every other month)

We will have a Soup and Swap (Buying Soup from Kneaders. YUMMMM!!!) but if you don't have unwanted used things you wish to swap. don't worry, you can still take something. Some people are newer than others to gliders and also some people are incredibley big pack rats and just buy stuff all the time and they NEED to get rid of stuff. (*cough* ME *cough*)

Anything NOT taken there is a local exotics rescue that we can donate it all to.

ALSO we will have a Gift Exchange. Amount limit still pending.

Other than that, in order to be prepared, since it is winter and a good time to think of that. We will be making our own Glider Emergency Kits. Before the day we will all be given a list of what we will need, what to bring to share with others (sort of a pot luck of supplies), and what to track down ourselves. It should be really helpful and fun also and then we will all have our kits ready. We can plan for the worst and expect the best!

More details to come, but right now I am going to focus on figuring out the supplies for the kits, the prices they will cost, and of course, MORE recruiting!

Friday, December 11, 2009


Alright... the tentative "plan" for a winter party/conference.

I am thinking since it is cold we do

Soup and Swap /Preparedness

SO, Soup and Swap... Everyone brings any older stuff they wouldn't mind giving away. This could be toys, pouches, scrap fleece, etc. Then you can just take stuff.

For soup 2 Options for you:
1. We have a couple people MAKE soup to share (very homey and cool, I just don't cook so that scares me) and do a potluck
2. We each bring money and order in what we want from Kneaders (they have really good stuff. downside is it is spendy)

THEN, Preparedness...I have lists of everything needed for a really good Glider Emergency 1st Aid Kit, also a lits for 72 hour kits for gliders, like in a natural disaster. (Thank you Sugar Glider Initiative!) OPTION 1. We can all have copies of that and discuss where to get that stuff. OPTION 2. If we all have the funds we can distribute assignments of those getting those items for EVERYONE and all of us help each other make our kits. This would depend on positive RSVPs and trusting that you guys could pay back some IOUs as I can get a lot of the stuff myself.

Then of course we have just your basic party part. We will talk! We will meet each other and talk to people who don't think we are crazy! And our fuzzbutts are welcome! We will have new friends to depend on when things get rough! We may even meet some new vacation babysitters! I'll bring games! How about Apples to Apples... and Barrel of Monkeys? hee hee! OH, and do we want a gift exchange? With a price limit of course.


Here is what I want from you. This is sort of your "official" Club application

Your Name
Your "screen name" if you have one you are well known by (like if you are on the boards or something a lot)
Number of gliders
What CITY you live in
your email address



SOUP: Option 1 (Pot luck) or Option 2 (Kneaders)
If you picked Option One what do you want to make?

PREPARDNESS: Option 1 (lists, make our own kits at home) Option 2 (make kits at activity)
If you picked Option2 do you have some itens in mind that you can get?

GIFTS: Yay or No Way?
If yay what price restriction should we place?


Your loving and slightly insane Head Sugar Mama,
BethAnn aka: Kipluck

Friday, November 27, 2009

December is upon us

I would really like us to get this thing pulled together. A real Glider Club for Utah! A real face to face activity!

So, a few issues...
Getting Members: I figure we can advertize on, Craigslist, and all the glider sites. I WOULD do meetup too, but I just found out that it costs money so no such luck right now, at least by myself.

Venues: If we do something this winter I have a big empty house (and I mean EMPTY. No furnature) we can bring chairs to have a glider-friendly indoor party to use. My parents are selling it.

So, what do you think, people? Do we want to pull together a little Christmas party?

if some sort of holiday thing sounds good let's put in some nominations for the best days to hold it in the comment section!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What is the MWPCC?

What is the MWPCC?
Back east, Sugar Glider lovers have big conferences in hotels with presenters and sponsors and fun and parties and memories and websites and such (like this). I, for one, am a little jealous! Getting to meet friends who UNDERSTAND why we sometimes keep small animals in our bra and DON'T get tired of hearing how cute our furbabies are... and meeting and hanging out with them in real life? Awesome.

And so I thought we should start one of our own. Sure the parties of our club might easily be held in one of our living rooms instead of a Marriott, and we might end up just talking about pets and playing poker for yogurt drops BUT it will be something!

And thus the Mountain West (so that if anybody in Utah, Colorado, Idaho, etc.) feels like joining up are welcome) Pocket Critter (so if anybody has a flying squirrel, marmoset, hedgehog, gerbil, or other little exotic is feeling lonely they can come, too! They have things in common, and hopefully those who have them can bring the expertise.) Conference (Well, Club... that has get-togethers and STRIVES for real conferences SOMEDAY.)

We welcome Experts and Newbies, Breeders and Non-Owning Devotees, Regulars on Glider Central, Glider Gossip, Glider Alley, Animal Craze... or even or Craigslist!

Anyone who loves our sweet suggies!